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Giants in Performance

TOP QUALITY that Pays for Itself!


WUKO UBER BENDER 6200 and 7200

For bending up to 100°!

The ideal tool for

  • clean bending up to/over 90°
  • the protection of delicate materials
  • spring back materials
  • bending along longitudinal beadings

For more information see our product list: WUKO UBER Bender 6200 and as Duo Version WUKO UBER BENDER 7200.

Long models are available - see WUKO Uber Bender 6350 and WUKO Uber Bender 7350.


From 0 to 180° in a single tool!

  • for bending up from 6 - 200 mm
  • for making the hem (heigth of hem 12 mm)
  • using bending discs enables closer bendings

See our product list WUKO HEM Bender 8200 for more information!

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